Sunday, 26 June 2016

Ravenglass Seaquest - 5th June 2016

Fine weather greeted the competitors that gathered on Ravenglass beach for the annual seaquest orienteering event. This event is a 3 hour "score" event where you try and collect as many controls as possible, each control being 10, 20 or 30 points, and then you get time penalties as deducted points for any time taken over the three hours.

I decided to head off up the Esk collecting the controls on the right bank. I managed to find the controls without any difficulty and I was feeling pretty good as I made the turn at the top of the river just through the road bridge. On the return I was now paddling against the incoming tide so I had to eddy hop my way back towards Ravenglass, this time collecting the controls on the other bank. My tactic seemed to pay off as I made up a couple of places on the return and surprisingly John Willacy wasn't out of sight!

I normally budget 90 minutes for the Esk, 30 minutes for the Mite and then 60 minutes for the Irt, and I was pretty much on schedule as I turned into the Mite estuary. Again I collected controls on my right on the way up, which actually meany I only left one control in the middle of the estuary for the return.

Still on schedule, I then started making my way up the Irt. By this time the tide was starting to go out, and I just made the shortcut across into the Irt to reach a control on a fence. This required me to get out of my boat and to jog over to the control to clip it. I then returned my boat that I had hauled up out of the water and place it back in the water in what I thought was deep enough water for me to get going again. Unfortunately once I was back in I was still beached, and I used by paddle to try and pull myself into deeper water. Crack!... I'd exerted too much pressure on my paddle and snapped the shaft.

So another early finish. Luckily I wasn't far from the event start/finish so I could J-stroke with a single paddle back to Ravenglass beach.

About 20km paddled.

St Bees Head - 4th June 2016

Arrived early afternoon planning to stay overnight for the Ravenglass Seaquest on the sunday.

Launched from St. Bees beach by the lifeboat station. The tide was starting to go out and we headed north for an hour before turning around under the lighthouse.

Fantastic bird life with the cliffs covered in guillemots and razorbills.

Returned to the beach at low tide, so the trolleys came in handy for the long carry back up the beach.

Training sessions - May 2016

A few training sessions on the canal in May,,,

Clubhouse to Bridge 18 - 10th May 2016
Clarke Lane to Higher Poynton Marina - 15th May 2016
Adlington Marina to Marple - 20th May 2016
Clarke Lane to Fools Nook Swingbridge - 25th May 2016 - The canal was closed in Bollington due to a leak, so went south for a change.

Had a couple of sessions at Brereton greenland rolling. My left sided roll seems to have returned, still can't perform a proper reverse sweep.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Rhoscolyn to Trearddur Bay - 8th May 2016

Nice weather and big tides. Went with the back end of the flood rock hopping and exploring caves on our way to Trearddur Bay. We had lunch and then I did a couple of rolls... water still pretty cold! Paddled back via the Beacon. Lovely sitting on the beach at the end of the day in the warm sunshine.

16.4km paddled.

High tide - not much beach left!
Leaving Rhoscolyn
At the back of a gully
One of the many caves on this stretch of coast
Alan Tonge

Approaching Trearddur Bay 
Low tide - lots of beach!

Canal and Brereton Sessions - April/May

Getting a bit lazy keeping the blog going for the routine stuff!... here's a summary...

Canal sessions:

April 19th - Clubhouse to Bridge 18 - 10.1km
April 24th - Clarke Lane to Higher Poynton - 16.7km
May 1st - Clarke Lane to Higher Poynton - 16.7km
May 3rd - Clubhouse to Bridge 18 - 10.1km
May 10th - Clubhouse to Bridge 18 - 10.1km
May 15th - Clarke Lane to Higher Poynton - 16.7km
May 20th - Adlington Marina to Marple - 13.8km

Brereton sessions:

April 28th - Did two rolls, water freezing!
May 4th - Sunny, but water still cold
May 12th - Lake finally warmed up!
May 19th - lots of rolling, can't work out the reverse sweep yet though.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Macclesfield Canal - 17th April 2016

Clarke Lane <> Higher Poynton Marina
Back for a quick blast on the canal - out in 53:20, back in 56:42. Not too bad. A pleasure to be out enjoying the spring sunshine.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Rhoscolyn to the Cymyran Straits - 10th April 2016

After the previous day's exciting exploits, we opted for a more leisurely excursion for the Sunday paddle.

Four of us set off from Rhoscolyn and made our way east towards the entrance to the Cymyran Straits. There was a small choppy swell that added interest to the excellent rock hopping that can be found along this stretch of the Anglesey coast.

We had lunch in the pleasant sunshine on the island just inside the Straits and waited for the tide to turn.

A trio of noisy jet ski riders interrupted our snoozing, and we relaunched to make our way back.

As usual there were some breaking waves near the mouth of the Straits and I had a quick play in them, though they weren't breaking with much power.

It wasn't long before we entered Borth Wen at Rhoscolyn and packed up to make our way home after a great weekend.

Only a lazy 9km paddled!