Monday, 27 April 2015

Macclesfield Canal - 26th April 2015

Fairly gentle paddle from the MADCC boathouse to Higher Poynton and back. Bright sunshine made it very pleasant. Took it fairly easy on the way out, then worked a bit harder on the return. Didn't time it though.
14.6km round trip.

Brereton Lake - 23rd April 2015

Rescue, rolling practice at Brereton Lake with the Macclesfield Canoe Club.

Nice to get on the water to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. Spent the evening rolling (didn't try a left handed roll...), self-rescue (including re-entry and roll) and rescuing other boats.

Had a quick go with Alan's greenland paddle... I have one on order, so the next time I go to Brereton I should be using it and starting to go through the greenland competition rolling catalogue!