Thursday, 24 June 2010

Macclesfield Canal - 24th June 2010

Back to the routine...

Clarke Lane <=> Higher Poynton Marina. Out in 55.10, back in 56.09. Didn't feel that fast, also not sure about the footrest position after playing about with it at the weekend.

Borthwen to Ynys Meibion, Cable Bay, Rhosneigr and back - 20th June 2010

Second day of the NWSK summer meet.

Launched from Borthwen again (nice not to have to move the car all weekend!). While waiting for the group to get their act together I went for a quick spin around Rhoscolyn Beacon where there were a few seals.

Once massed, 15 of us set off rockhopping towards Silver bay. Bit pedestrian for my liking so I struck off S by myself across the bay to Ynys Meibion (the headland by the Rhosneigr Race Circuit). Quick rest in the bay on the south side, then I headed back to Cable Bay to see if I could find the others. They weren't there, so I had my lunch and continued back towards Rhoscolyn.

Out in the bay by Rhosneigr I spotted a group of kayakers inshore, and just as I thought I might call them on the radio I received an incoming call from Kev inviting me for ice cream at Rhosneiger. So I paddled into the shore and met up with the rest of the group again.

We paddled back to the rocks to the E of Rhoscolyn and played about in them for a while. Bit limited paddling the Epic, and perhaps a good idea since Jim K had a swim after an encounter with a wave/stopper in a gully.

On returning to the beach did a few rolls and we generally messed about in the pleasant sunshine. Conditions were sunny with about a N F3 wind that died out by late afternoon. About 28km paddled.

The crossing of the bay from Silver Bay to Ynys Meibion was slightly frustrating as the following sea made it a bit difficult to keep the boat straight. I still think the Epic rudder does not have enough bite, and it would have been really interesting to paddle the Taran in these conditions - its more aggressive and positive rudder would have been much better I think.

Borthwen to Porth-y-Garan - 19th June 2010

First day of the NWSK summer meet based at Outdoor Alternative on Anglesey.

Paddled out from Borthwen and rock hopped our way around to Porth-y-Garan for lunch. Returned via the islands/reefs of Rhoscolyn Beacon back to the beach. Some tidal action around the Beacon on the flooding tide. Sunny with N F3 wind giving slight seas and a bit more concentrated around the headlands. Paddled the Epic.

Once back on the beach I tried out a couple of demo boats that were kindly arranged for us through Danny at Desperate Measures. The Rockpool GT seemed a nice tourer, still fairly manoeuvrable with leaning. Not so sure about the seat/thigh grip arrangement, but most likely would need to spend more time setting up seat/footrest position (both movable).

Next I had a go in the Rockpool Taran prototype. Very interested in this boat because it is the closest to my Epic. Definitely turns easier - 3 reasons why - more positive rudder, flat mid-section on the hull and more rocker. Didn't feel quite as fast as the Epic in flat conditions. Seat and thigh grips definitely more positive and would give a lot more confidence when conditions get rougher. Seat and cockpit do not lend themselves to K1 style paddling so well either. So all in all, pretty much what would be expected. Would have liked to try it out on Sunday (see next post). The smarttrack rudder and footrest pedals are far more responsive than the arrangement in the Epic. I talked to Pete from Valley about retro-fitting one to the Epic and it seems feasible - I believe this is what Freya did on her Australia circumnavigation Epic.

Finally had a go in the North Shore Atlantic LV (formerly the Shoreline). Nice little boat - positive and comfortable seat/thigh arrangement. Would definitely consider as a day boat if I needed one.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Macclesfield Canal - 11th June 2010

Decided to have a bit of a change and paddled in the other direction... Clarke Lane <> Bridge 50... about 12.2 mile round trip, out in 63, back in 65 minutes. Couple of interesting low swing bridges to duck under. Didn't realise it, but I turned around just short of the Bosley locks.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Macclesfield Canal - 6th June 2010

Usual training paddle, Clarke Lane <=> Higher Poynton Marina.
Out in 56.20, back in 59. Lot's of boat delays.
Be nice to get on some salt water again...

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Macclesfield Canal - 30th May 2010

Training paddle Clarke Lane <=> Higher Poynton Marina.
Out in 54:51, back in 56:00. Not feeling that lively, pretty windy.