Sunday, 25 November 2012

Bollington Pool - 16th November 2012

30 minute pool session, usual rolling practice. Trying to do as many LH rolls as possible!

Macclesfield Canal - 18th November 2012

Clarke Lane <-> Bridge 18
Hurt my back "bouncing" the boat to remove leaves from the bow... out in 41:25, back in around 44:30, but back was hampering me. (It got a lot worse and is not right a week later, need to build up some core strength, maybe pilates? Not sure if the intensive rolling sessions are a good idea either.)

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Macclesfield Canal - 11th November 2012

Finally had a go at the Macclesfield Canoe Club's "Hare and Hounds" handicap race.
4 mile course, completed in a time of 41:19. Paddled the Epic.
Add another mile for the paddle to and from the start from Clarke Lane.

Bollington Pool Session - 9th November 2012

Half hour pool session practising left and right handed rolls.

River Eden - 4th November 2012

Lazonby to Armathwaite, approximately 5 miles.
Grade 2. Pleasant river paddle with Macclesfield Canoe Club with the river at a medium level.
Paddled the InaZone 230, rather strange after paddling sea kayaks.