Thursday, 29 September 2011

Macclesfield Canal - 28th September 2011

Clarke Lane <-> Bridge 18 (Adlington Marina)
40 minutes each way, paddling about 9kph. Still struggling to get the speed I had just after Eddystone.

Return leg was pretty much in the dark by time I had finished and it will take a bit of getting used to. Not too bad in areas of the canal with some nearby lights, but in the more remote areas with overhanging trees it's pretty difficult to see. Don't want to use lights though, since this mucks up night vision.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Macclesfield Canal - 24th September 2011

Normal training route, Clarke Lane <-> Higher Poynton Marina.
Out in 56:57, back in 56:15.
Tried to concentrate more on style than speed, so a bit slower than normal.
Trying to ensure good rotation, strong deep catch, straight arm action uncoiling the trunk rotation, then an early paddle exit. Not sure if I was doing all that though!....

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Chester Hasler Races - 18th September 2011

Raced in Div 7 over 4 miles. Came 4th out of 5, bit disappointing, but looks like I'm in the right division because I would have won the Div 8 race.

Paddled the Kirton Tor K1. Not sure if I really got the boat moving well which I suppose is not surprising since it was only my second time in a K1. Need to work on technique as I'm sure I'm not paddling efficiently.

Macclesfield Canal - 16th September 2011

About one hour on the canal paddling a racing K1 (Kirton Tor) in preparation for racing at Chester on Sunday. First time ever in a proper K1!.... bit tippy at first but not feeling too unstable once going.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Macclesfield Canal - 7th September 2011

Training session on the canal, Clarke Lane <=> Bridge 18 (Adlington Marina).
Shorter training route now the nights are closing in. Will attempt to keep doing this through the winter - need to rig up some light system to enable paddling in the dark.
Out and back in 40 minutes each leg.

Oban Sea Kayak Race - 3rd September 2011

Before the start
This was the second running of this event that entails a 20km circuit of the island of Kerrera starting and finishing in Oban bay. It was nice to see a good turnout of competitive/fast kayaks - Inuks, Epics, Rapiers, Tarans, Nelos were all represented along with one surf ski.

The rest of the fleet
The weather was looking a bit touch and go and plans were in place to fall back to the rough weather route, but luckily conditions improved just enough to enable the call to be made to go all the way around the island - Gus (the organiser) asked me if we should go, and I gave him the thumbs up.

The race started at 1pm with us all lined up in the bay in front of the lifeboat which demanded a prominent position as the event beneficiary (but slightly in the way!). The first leg down the strait was into a gusty headwind and increasing waves. A lot of paddlers tried to keep tucked into the shores to get shelter, but not sure if this made much difference.

The rounding of the southern tip of the island was the roughest part of the race followed by a paddle across the bay to "Back Island" with waves coming on the port side. Once through the channel between Back Island and the Kerrera main island it was possible to pick up waves to get short surfing rides. These waves gradually faded out as we progressed along the west coast. Finally we rounded the northern tip and crossed to the mainland side to finish back in Oban harbour.

I was much further down the field this time due to the higher quality turnout and finished in 14th place in a time of 2:18. I was loosing places on the first leg down the straits, but once round the southern tip I managed to make up a few places and had my sights on trying to catch George Oliver who had just beaten me on the Coquet race. I didn't quite catch him and I ended up 5th in the over 50's senior race.

Bit disappointed that my time was nearly 5 minutes slower than the previous year - other people seemed to improve on their times. Main reason could be that I lost about 4 weeks paddling at the end of July and August due to US trips. Just need to be fitter next year!

Macclesfield Canal - 31st August 2011

Not the normal training session this time, instead I took Gavin for a short paddle for about an hour on the canal in two boats I have just bought. Gavin has been going to the monday night sessions with the Macc canoe club and I decided to get a couple of secondhand boats that we could use to paddle at other times, so I bought an InaZone 230 and an Acrobat 270. Gavin loves the InaZone since it also matches the colour of his cag and bouyancy aid. Also being a Pyranha boat, it has the fish logo too!