Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Macclesfield Canal - 28th July 2008

Training paddle on Macc canal. 63 minutes from Clark Lane to Higher Poynton Marina. 10.4 miles round trip.
Stopped to talk to Macc CC members on return.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Penrhyn Mawr - 26th July 2008

Low tide Porth Dafarch approx 10.21. Tidal range at Treardur Bay: L 1.2m, H 4.5m. Sea state 2. Wind variable F2. Estimated max tidal flow at Penrhyn Mawr 3 knots.

Launched from Porth Dafarch beach at about 9:45. Reached Penrhyn Mawr about half an hour later. Tide race starting to run, small 1ft waves initially, but later built up to max 4ft on the outer race. Played around crossing the different waves/flows. Returned to Porth Dafarch about 2.30pm. Paddled with Adrian Pullin, Paul Taylor, Dave Lynch, Richard Barratt.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Pre-blog outings

September 29th 2007 - Short paddle off of St Bees. Small surf, no wind. Tried out Capella 167, Aquanaut and Alaw Bach kayaks. Found the Capella the most comfortable. Paddled with Phil Cheek and Annette Morris.

September 30th 2007 - Paddle around Ravenglass estuary. Tried out Romany HV. Paddled with Phil Cheek, Annette Morris, Chris Cripps and Polly.

December 26th 2007 - Launched from Sandsfoot beach. Paddled across Portland harbour to southern entrance, then back around the outside of the breakwaters returning to Sandsfoot beach. Sea calm, weather sunny, no wind. Accompanied by Clive Joyner from the Portland Canoe Club.

April 12th 2008 - Ravenglass seaquest organised by Annette Morris and Phil Cheek. 3 hour score orienteering event. Sunny and still conditions. 5th male solo kayak.

April 13th 2008 - Wastwater. Sunny with a light wind. Paddled circumference of lake. Accompanied by Phil, Chris, Annette and a few others from the seaquest.

May 3rd 2008 - Kimmeridge bay to Bat's Head and back. Fair weather, SE wind perhaps up to F4 made return paddle tiring. Paddled with Kev Robinson, Jean ? Glen Parry, Jean Brown from NWSK.

May 5th 2008 - Launched from Sandsfoot beach. Paddled across Portland Harbour to southern entrance and back via inside of breakwaters. Solo. No wind, sunny.

June 2nd 2008 - Paddled from Bhaltos Pier, Isle of Lewis. Circumnavigated Pabaigh Mor and Eilean Bhacasaigh, though missing out the northern most tip by paddling through the lagoon. N and E sides of the island more exposed with moderate swell and clapotis. Wind about F3 from SW. Solo.

June 5th 2008 - Paddled from Bhaltos Pier, Isle of Lewis. Paddled round northern tip of Pabaigh Mor, across west Loch Beag to pass round Greineam to then have short stop at Tobson. Returned via Eunaigh Mor and back to Bhaltos. Met two female kayakers back at Eilean Bhacasaigh. Solo. Light wind from SW, small swell. Again "lively" rounding N tip of Pabaigh Mor.

June 6th 2008 - Paddled from Bhaltos Pier, Isle of Lewis. Paddled round N tip of Pabaigh Mor, then NE to round Seana Chnoc, S to the E of Bearasaigh and Flodaigh, then back to Bhaltos via S side of Pabaigh Mor. Saw small school of porpoises - scary when paddling solo! Birdlife spectacular - razorbills, eider ducks, gannets, terns. Light swell crossing Loch Beag, confused water of N side of Seana Chnoc. Light winds from SW. Solo.

June 26th 2008 - Sea kayak rescue practice at Brereton lake. Macclesfield CC. Performed self rescue and re-entry and roll. Performed group rescues using various re-entry techniques. Practiced rolling, but failed to do a reverse screw!