Thursday, 27 May 2010

Macclesfield Canal - 22nd May 2010

Decided to do a slightly longer paddle, but didn't feel like pushing too hard since it was hot. Launched as usual at Clarke Lane, but by time I got to Higher Poynton I was quite thirsty - luckily I had some money in my waterproof cay key holder, so I bought some water and a chocolate bar from the canal side shop and sat for 5 minutes before carrying on to the A6 junction. Turned around and paddled back at a steady pace. On the water for about 2hr 40min. Lots of barge traffic, and there seems to be a large number of herons on the canal this year - must have seen at least 3 different birds. Not seen any kingfishers yet this year - I hope the cold winter did not wipe them out.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Macclesfield Canal - 18th May 2010

Training paddle Clarke Lane <=> Higher Poynton Marina.
Very pleasant in the evening sunshine combined with a bit of warmth for a change!...
Out in 52.28, back in 53:58. (new PB for the outbound leg, and most likely best aggregate too)

Conwy Ascent - 15th May 2010

Annual race up the river Conwy from the Beacons to Dolgarrog on the incoming tide. Finished 4th overall in the singles, 1st sea kayak in a time of 1:08:30. Nearly a couple of minutes slower than last year, but I think this was because the guy in front was quite a way ahead and I no one to chase or push me along. I didn't realise that Glen was bearing down on me though and he finished 7 seconds behind me. He had a poor start, so if we had set off together it might have been more interesting.

Paddled back once the tide turned and took a leisurely couple of hours in the pleasant sunshine.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Macclesfield Canal - 7th May 2010

Clarke Lane <=> Higher Poynton Marina
Out in 54:58, back in 55:30.
Felt a bit tired!... was going to paddle again on Sunday but I think I'll rest so I'm fresh for the Conwy Ascent on Saturday. May be helping out with a cubs group on Tuesday night too.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Macclesfield Canal - 2nd May 2010

Clarke Lane <=> Higher Poynton Marina
Out in 55.10, back in 53.40. Headwind on the way out explains the reverse split. No major barge delays.