Thursday, 27 May 2010

Macclesfield Canal - 22nd May 2010

Decided to do a slightly longer paddle, but didn't feel like pushing too hard since it was hot. Launched as usual at Clarke Lane, but by time I got to Higher Poynton I was quite thirsty - luckily I had some money in my waterproof cay key holder, so I bought some water and a chocolate bar from the canal side shop and sat for 5 minutes before carrying on to the A6 junction. Turned around and paddled back at a steady pace. On the water for about 2hr 40min. Lots of barge traffic, and there seems to be a large number of herons on the canal this year - must have seen at least 3 different birds. Not seen any kingfishers yet this year - I hope the cold winter did not wipe them out.

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