Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Portland Harbour to Weymouth Beach - 24th December 2008

Paddled out from Sandsfoot beach through the north channel of the breakwater, across the mouth of Weymouth harbour and on to Weymouth beach by the clock. Returned via Weymouth harbour (nearly went as far as the bridge). About 1 hour 45 minutes on the water.

Wind about F3 Easterly, slight swell once out of Portland harbour.

Saw a seal on the small reefs just off Sandsfoot Castle. Not seen a seal in Portland Harbour before.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Portland Harbour - 22nd December 2008

90 minute paddle from Sandsfoot beach. Went south to the southern entrance, then turned east and went on the outside of the break waters to the north entrance to return to Sandsfoot beach. Water dead calm on E of breakwater, very small waves in harbour.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Macclesfield Canal - 14th December 2008

Training paddle - Clark Lane to Higher Poynton and back. 63 minutes out, leisurely 75 minutes return. Pretty tired on return, bit unfit.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Walney Island - 16th November 2008

Second day of NWSK end of season meet.

Another sunny day! Wind died down to more a F2-3 NW.

Launched from the end of the road at Roa Island crossing to the S of Piel Island and then on to the S tip of Walney Island. Tide was running at about 2-3 Knots on the flood, so the crossing to Piel was an upstream ferry glide making use of eddy on far side of channel. More wildlife this end of Walney - saw a number of seals and a large number of birds on the preserve on the S tip.

Had lunch on a pebble beach (landranger ref SD208619) - interesting landing/launching in small 2ft dumping waves.

Paddled back round S side of Walney, but by this time the tide was ebbing and quite a flow was against us on the S tip of the island causing a small race at one point. Visited Piel Island on the way back to see the castle (pub closed!). Finished around 4pm in the sunset. Again paddled with about 7 other NWSK'ers.

Walney Island - 15th November 2008

First day of the NWSK end of season meet based at the Duddon Sands Hostel & Ship Inn, Kirkby-in-Furness. Sunny, with a F4 Westerly.

Launched from just N of the road bridge on to Walney Island, on a slipway on the island side. Paddled N up the channel stopping for a bit to eat on the N tip of Walney Island before venturing out round on to the more exposed side. Tide was running quite fast when we launched again creating small standing waves just off our lunch spot.

Fairly bumpy conditions rounding the N tip, then paddled S just outside the surf zone. Landed on a small sandy beach near to where the cars were parked (end of W Shore Road) and then prepared for a surfing session (i.e. put helmet on!). Wave height may be up to 3ft. Quite a few rocks just under the surface and these came out of the water as the tide went out.

Quick roll at end of day. Must have been on the water about 4 hours. Accompanied by about 8 other NWSKer's.