Sunday, 7 December 2008

Walney Island - 16th November 2008

Second day of NWSK end of season meet.

Another sunny day! Wind died down to more a F2-3 NW.

Launched from the end of the road at Roa Island crossing to the S of Piel Island and then on to the S tip of Walney Island. Tide was running at about 2-3 Knots on the flood, so the crossing to Piel was an upstream ferry glide making use of eddy on far side of channel. More wildlife this end of Walney - saw a number of seals and a large number of birds on the preserve on the S tip.

Had lunch on a pebble beach (landranger ref SD208619) - interesting landing/launching in small 2ft dumping waves.

Paddled back round S side of Walney, but by this time the tide was ebbing and quite a flow was against us on the S tip of the island causing a small race at one point. Visited Piel Island on the way back to see the castle (pub closed!). Finished around 4pm in the sunset. Again paddled with about 7 other NWSK'ers.

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