Monday, 25 August 2008

Kimmeridge to Durdle Door and back - 23rd August 2008

Return trip from Kimmeridge to Durdle Door and back. Hw Lulworth Cove 11.29.

Weather sunny, wind about F4 from the SW. Sea state 3, confused waves by cliffs between Mupe Bay and Lulworth and from Lulworth round to Durdle Door. Pictures make it look calmer than what it actually was!

Departed Kimmeridge about 10am, arrived Durdle Door about 1.15pm, stopped for lunch in the cove to the east of Durdle Door. Departed lunch spot at 2pm, arrived back at Kimmeridge 3.30pm!

Outward paddle was against perhaps a 1 knot tide in the first part. Return trip was in quartering sea from the SW requiring continual correction, though skeg seemed to work well.

Loads of other kayakers/SOTs around.

Paddled with Julian Trigg. Julian sprouted a sail for the return trip!

Photos courtesy of Julian - see his website.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Portland Harbour - 20th August 2008

Another session with the kids. I did a few rolls in the rotobat. RH rolls fine, LH not so good - first one was fine, second roll went deep and pushed off bottom. Need to practive some more! - couldn't find my noseclip though which would have made a prolonged rolling session more comfortable. Allen is looking pretty good, and Gavin was much improved from yesterday.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Portland Harbour - 17th August 2008

Another session introducing my two sons to canoeing. We launched from Castle Cove sailing club beach. This time Allen (9 y.o) had his first go in the Rotobat and took to it fairly well. He also had a quick go in my Capella and appreciated how well it kept going in a straight line. Both boys did a capsize drill but without spraydecks. We spent at least an hour paddling with Allen being in the boat most of time. Conditions were a lot more benign compared to Saturday.

I did a few rolls - left and right handed, but I'm still concerned that my rolls are OK when I set up, but when I capsize and put the paddle into position afterwards they aren't so good. My theory is that my "instinctive roll" is used to 90 degrees feathered paddles, not the 45 degrees I'm now using. Since my paddles are left handed, but my preferred roll is right handed, I don't have a shaped shaft on the RHS. Need more practice...

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Portland Harbour - 16th August 2008

Introduced my son Gavin (age 7) to his first kayak session. He played about for 15 minutes in some very small surf paddling forwards and trying to keep the boat straight with backward strokes. He liked it when waves pushed him towards the beach, and he didn't fall in. Bit too windy (F5?) to be able to do much with, I was standing alongside him and helping him paddle out and to straighten the boat up. Gavin was paddling my old Rotobat. I had a quick play for 15 minutes in the Rotobat afterwards while Gavin played with a foam belly board. I hope I didn't put him off! He seemed quite happy afterwards and was talking about it when he got home.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Macclesfield Canal - 11th August 2008

Training paddle on Macc canal. 61.40 minutes from Clark Lane to Higher Poynton Marina. 10.4 miles round trip.
Usual chat with Macc CC on return.