Monday, 18 August 2008

Portland Harbour - 17th August 2008

Another session introducing my two sons to canoeing. We launched from Castle Cove sailing club beach. This time Allen (9 y.o) had his first go in the Rotobat and took to it fairly well. He also had a quick go in my Capella and appreciated how well it kept going in a straight line. Both boys did a capsize drill but without spraydecks. We spent at least an hour paddling with Allen being in the boat most of time. Conditions were a lot more benign compared to Saturday.

I did a few rolls - left and right handed, but I'm still concerned that my rolls are OK when I set up, but when I capsize and put the paddle into position afterwards they aren't so good. My theory is that my "instinctive roll" is used to 90 degrees feathered paddles, not the 45 degrees I'm now using. Since my paddles are left handed, but my preferred roll is right handed, I don't have a shaped shaft on the RHS. Need more practice...

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