Saturday, 26 July 2008

Penrhyn Mawr - 26th July 2008

Low tide Porth Dafarch approx 10.21. Tidal range at Treardur Bay: L 1.2m, H 4.5m. Sea state 2. Wind variable F2. Estimated max tidal flow at Penrhyn Mawr 3 knots.

Launched from Porth Dafarch beach at about 9:45. Reached Penrhyn Mawr about half an hour later. Tide race starting to run, small 1ft waves initially, but later built up to max 4ft on the outer race. Played around crossing the different waves/flows. Returned to Porth Dafarch about 2.30pm. Paddled with Adrian Pullin, Paul Taylor, Dave Lynch, Richard Barratt.

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