Sunday, 8 March 2009

Moelfre to Red Wharf Bay - 7th March 2009

Short paddle on Anglesey from Moelfre to Red Wharf Bay. Forecast was for a gale force 8 SW, so we paddled on the eastern side of the island. Still seemed to be a fair bit of "southerly" component to the wind which made it hard work on the outbound journey. Had lunch by the "tavern" and shop on the N end of Red Wharf bay. Return paddle was much quicker, but my skeg had jammed (small stone it turned out... most likely from the initial launch of the day from Moelfre beach) so it was a bit of a struggle keeping on the desired track since the boat wanted to head up into the wind. Perhaps there is something to be said about launching backwards...

Paddled with a large group of NWSK'ers.

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