Sunday, 8 August 2010

Bridgewater Canal - 7th August 2010

Back on the canals... but a different one this time. Jim from the NWSK needed to pick up a new boat from the P&H shop in Runcorn, so he wanted to paddle it back to Manchester via the Bridgewater Canal.

So after a good look around the shop and sitting in another boat (the prototype Delphin), at 10am we launched Jim's new Cetus MV and along with Sean we headed off towards Manchester.

Very civilised - ice cream stop just after 11am, sausage and chips in Lymm for lunch and a pint at the Barn Owl Inn mid afternoon.

Jim's brother Chris paddled out from Manchester and met us at Lymm just in time for lunch.

We arrived in Stretford around 4.30pm after 32km of paddling.

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