Saturday, 19 March 2011

Macclesfield Canal - 17th March 2011

Usual venue, but this time I was paddling a double sea kayak with Allen. We're planning to do the Ravenglass Seaquest in it and this was our first practice run. Actually paddling the boat is the easy part - being over 22 feet long and being very heavy, moving the boat around and getting it on and off the roofrack is a big challenge. Luckily we managed and with the help of my kayak trolley we got the boat back and forth between the canal and the car.

On the water the boat handled fine with me in the rear seat that also has the rudder control.

We paddled 11.9km in 1 hour 59 with a short stop at Lyme Green marina. Obviously Allen can't keep up race pace for a few hours, but I should be able to keep it moving myself.

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