Thursday, 30 June 2011

Coquet Island Race - 27th June 2011

Second day of the Northumberland trip.

Fine weather was a great bonus for this race - last year's had to be restricted to just the harbour due to high winds. It was very pleasant chatting and enjoying the sun before and after the race.

The race is about 5 miles in length, starting and finishing in Amble harbour with a loop around Coquet Island.

I didn't get off to the best of starts - I was trying to get away from a group of slalom boats that congregated near me when I heard "go" shouted with no other warning!

A white water racer (river boat) steamed off in front and was never caught, however the "sea kayaks" were much more tightly bunched and I got to the front of this pack and led them out to the island. Wily racer George Oliver wash hanged me and then as we rounded the island he moved past me as we were dispersed by breakers on the island's reefs.

I tried to get back past George, but any time I got close he managed to just keep ahead. I thought I might out surf him on the return to the harbour as we had a following swell and small waves with us, but if anything my surfing took me off the best line and I couldn't make up ground on him. In the end he finished about 15 seconds in front of me. The white water racer didn't qualify for the main prizes, so I got the 2nd sea kayak prize. Slightly disappointing, because last time I did this race I beat George!

Dave Brook was very pleased to win the "old man of the sea" prize for the 1st over 65.

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