Sunday, 24 June 2012

Conwy Ascent - 23rd June 2012

Nice social event, but I'm a bit unfit for racing and I was puffing after the first 100 metres... maybe half the problem was I was still laughing at the carnage of the launching attempts of some of the K2s.

There were surprisingly few waves up to the bridges, but once we swung round the corner we caught the strong westerly wind and it was a bit of a slog giving more problems for the thin racing kayaks. At least two boats capsized and I lost a little time going over to a k1 that was being rescued. In the end I was the third veteran, so I got a mention in the prizegiving that I was not expecting.

After tea and a butty, Jim, Aled and I toured back to the start at a slightly more leisurely pace and we finished off the day with some fine fish and chips in Conwy.

I think my race time must have been at least 1:20, and I expect the return paddle was about 1:40, but I wasn't really keeping an eye on the time.

Update 26/6/12: Race time was 1:26:55, 11th single kayak overall.

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