Friday, 22 February 2013

Great Orme and Little Orme - 17th February 2013

We launched from the west beach at Llandudno, and with it being near to low tide it meant quite a long carry down to the water's edge. However the sun was shining and the weather looked good for another day's paddle.

Vicky and Brian ready to set off
Jim and Trevor carry a boat to the water
We paddled around the Great Orme, rock-hopping and exploring the caves. There were a lot of Guillemots on the cliffs packed on the ledges like mini penguins getting ready to roost.

Lunch stop
Lunch was taken on the S end of the east shore beach and when we set off again we bumped into John and Pascale out for a paddle.

Rounding the Great Orme
The tide was a bit high to explore the caves on the Little Orme, and we headed back straight across the bay back to Great Orme with the wind on our backs and on round to the west beach.

 Paddlers - Jim, Vicky, Trevor, Kate, Brian. About 22kms paddled, approx 4 hours paddling.

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