Sunday, 29 September 2013

Rhoscolyn to Trearddur Bay and back - 29th September 2013

Return trip from Rhoscolyn to Trearddur Bay. Paddling with Alan, Alan and Roger from the Macc canoe club.

With strong E winds (4-5, occasionally 6) we headed for the west side of  Anglesey. The original plan was to paddle from Rhosneigr to Trearddur or maybe Porth Dafarch, but in the end we opted for a there and back route from Rhoscolyn to save doing a shuttle.

Technically we were doing it the wrong way round with the tide against us in both directions, but with neap tides and the fact we had the option to hug the shore, it didn't make much difference.

On the outward leg we did a lot of rock hopping and exploring the caves, though the not insignificant swell made this very entertaining, one particular gap caught Roger by surprise as a large set of waves made a channel full of white water. Alan Tonge thought better of it and paddled around that one!

We had lunch at Trearddur and as we were launching to return there was a moment of excitement as the inshore lifeboat made a speedy launch to answer a mayday from a fishing vessel. In the end it was a false activation from their automatic alarm on their radio.

On the way back we swung out into the wind to visit Rhoscolyn Beacon.

About 13km paddled, launched at 11am, off the water around 3:20pm.

Getting ready with Roger

Approaching Rhoscolyn Head


Alan and Alan

Alan A explores a deep gully

Lively rock hopping

Lunch in the sun at Trearddur

Alan T heading for Rhoscolyn Beacon

Followed by Alan A and Roger

Alan T at the Beacon

Alan A at the Beacon

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