Sunday, 2 March 2014

Moelfre to Point Lynas return trip - 1st March 2014

I was surprised to realise this was my first outing on the sea in 2014! That's two whole months away from the salty stuff. I was also lacking packing practice... perhaps I need to update my kit checklist to say "both wetsuit boots".....

With an increasing SW wind forecast, we headed for Moelfre on Anglesey's east coast and decided to head north with the ebbing tide up to Point Lynas. We made rapid progress in the sunshine and quickly reached Ynys Dulas to take the obligatory photos of the tower while being watched by the resident seal population.

Pressing on for Point Lynas we kept an eye on our groundspeed with my GPS to ensure we weren't caught in anything we couldn't paddle back against - we didn't really fancy an impromptu hitch back to Moelfre from Bull Bay. When we approached the point we could see the tide moving quickly from R to L and I opted to go and have a look, a decision I nearly regretted! I passed the point and broke out in the eddy on the inside, and took a look at what I had to battle against to get back again. After a bit of a spurt I managed to work my way back around the point to rejoin the others, but it was a bit touch and go.

Now working our way back, we took our time rock hopping and exploring the small inlets and cliffs of Fresh Water Bay. The cliffs hereabouts have abandoned mine and quarry workings with man-made caves and passages that must have been used to get materials to boats that could come up against the cliffs.

We had lunch on Porthygwichiaid, appreciating the fact the forecast rain had so far held off giving us pleasant sunshine. It was still cool though when we got back on the water, so we set a reasonable pace to warm up to return to Moelfre and the pleasure of a coffee and cake in Ann's Pantry.

About 18km paddled, on the water for 3.5 hours. Paddlers: Gary, Arnaud and Rachael.

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