Thursday, 20 November 2014

Aberdaron to Porth Oer - 15th November 2014

First day of the NWSK "End of Season" meet staying at the Snowdon Ranger Youth Hostel.

Llyn Cwellyn
Saturday dawned sunny and bright, and although quite a drive from the hostel, Kate had suggested going round the end of the Lleyn Peninsular through the Bardsey Sound.

Eight of us set off in the small surf from Aberdaron Beach and made our way towards Pen-y-Cil in increasingly bouncy conditions.

Aberdaron Beach
We passed between the small island of Carreg Ddu and the mainland - now with the waves coming from behind. We could now pass closer to the shore and dared to go through the odd small gap between rocks and the cliffs.

Bardsey Sound
Once round Braich-y-Pwll the chop had gone, and with a cleaner swell we could relax more and enjoy our surroundings.

Approaching Braich-y-Pwll
With landing spots few and far between, we took lunch at Porthorion, just short of our final destination at Porth Oer.

Jim and Chris enjoying lunch
The final stretch of rock hopping was made even more exciting when the odd freak wave came through, and we thought we might have to do a surf landing at Porth Oer, However due to the angle of the beach the waves were not bending round enough to cause any problems.

12km paddled.

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