Sunday, 29 March 2015

Porth Trecastell (Cable Bay) to Rhoscolyn round trip - 22nd March 2015

Driving along the A55 towards Anglesey the mirror-like sea conditions were tempting us to change our plans, but we continued on to our intended launch from Cable Bay. The weather forecast was for sun, but also a F4 SW wind. Unfortunately this wind was kicking up some waves and as we made our way out from Cable Bay not everyone was happy with the conditions, so we returned to the beach for a re-think.

Cable Bay
We had intended to paddle south to Ynys Llanddwyn, but given the slightly more exposed headlands on that route, the group split up and Graham and I opted for an alternative route north to Rhoscolyn via Rhosneigr leaving the others for a skills session in Cable Bay and maybe a walk.

We made our way back out of Cable Bay and through the skerries to Rhosneigr beachfront, passing an unfortunate gentleman who had got his car stuck in the sand. Good job it was about high tide!

From Rhosneigr we then took a more direct route over towards Rhoscolyn. The conditions were bouncy in the waves but not too taxing and we made steady progress and entered Rhoscolyn Bay without incident and took lunch on the beach.

Entering Rhoscolyn Bay

The return leg was slightly into the wind, but more from our right, and the waves didn't really make us break our rhythm. We took a direct route across the bay that took us about 1-2 km offshore initially that gave a nice sense of exposure. We returned in good time in an hour, compared to the slightly more round about outward leg of 90 minutes. 16km paddled.

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