Monday, 18 April 2016

Rhoscolyn to the Cymyran Straits - 10th April 2016

After the previous day's exciting exploits, we opted for a more leisurely excursion for the Sunday paddle.

Four of us set off from Rhoscolyn and made our way east towards the entrance to the Cymyran Straits. There was a small choppy swell that added interest to the excellent rock hopping that can be found along this stretch of the Anglesey coast.

We had lunch in the pleasant sunshine on the island just inside the Straits and waited for the tide to turn.

A trio of noisy jet ski riders interrupted our snoozing, and we relaunched to make our way back.

As usual there were some breaking waves near the mouth of the Straits and I had a quick play in them, though they weren't breaking with much power.

It wasn't long before we entered Borth Wen at Rhoscolyn and packed up to make our way home after a great weekend.

Only a lazy 9km paddled!

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Miamaria Padlemia said...

Some times you have to be lazy, too. :)