Friday, 19 August 2016

Cemlyn to Bull Bay - 7th August 2016

It would be nice if the club trips could coincide with some decent weather! With a forecast force 6 from the south west, we opted to paddle in the relative shelter of the north coast of Anglesey and to head east.

Cemlyn Bay
We sorted the shuttle out, leaving a couple of cars at Bull Bay. As we left Cemlyn Bay we picked up some of the wind on our backs and it created some lively conditions on Wylfa Head. Once round the headland conditions moderated and we could enjoy the scenery a bit more.

We stopped for lunch in the ruined brickworks in Porth Wen. By now the sun had started to show itself, and in the shelter of the wind the beach became a pleasant sun trap.

Suitably refreshed we re-launched and leisurely paddled around the bay rock hopping. As we made our way back to Bull Bay we passed through the natural arch and cave that are tucked away in the cliffs. The arch isn't that obvious when you are paddling away from the cliffs, and it is only navigable towards high tide.

Journey end at Bull Bay
A fairly short paddle, but enjoyable all the same. Given the conditions there were not many other options.

12.7 km paddled according to my GPS.

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