Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Coquet Island Race - 21st June 2009

5 mile kayak race from Amble (the Braid) out of the harbour then around Coquet Island clockwise and back to start.

Paddled the Epic with the wing paddles. Was around 8th leaving the harbour, with the leader way out ahead already. Gradually moved up through field to finish an exciting second, though still well behind the winner (a good half mile or more!). He was paddling a Rapier 20... another 2ft longer than the Epic! My time was 48.30, 4 minutes behind the winner... full results are here.

Time was just under 50 minutes, conditions were a slight swell with small surf around the island.

Think I need to get closer to footrest/pedals as I didn't feel totally comfortable as I'm slightly stretching. Got cramp in my calf muscles pointing toes to use the rudder. Not convinced rudder is that effective in the swell. More practice needed, but at least I won a prize!

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