Monday, 15 June 2009

Llandudno - 14th June 2009

Launched from west Llandudno beach with the intention of performing "sea trials" of the Epic and the wing paddles.

Because of the rudder arrangement of the Epic I wanted to try launching from a beach in a few inches of water so the rudder was not weighted. With the long cockpit this proved fairly easy since I could step into the boat and sit down with one leg still on the ground. Finally I swung the other leg in. Getting out was the reverse - it's possible to raise a leg out of the cockpit and put it on the ground, then get out.

I also tried some rolls and self rescue. The wing paddles were fine on a right hand roll, but I failed on the left. My left side has always been the weaker and I need to work at it to get it more instinctive and correct technique. I managed a couple of self rescues by clambering on to the back deck then sitting astride the boat I could inch forward then drop into the seat. I could then swing my legs in. Wouldn't like to do it in any swell though!

I paddled over to the mouth of the Conwy to have a look at the start of the Conwy Ascent race that I may have a go at in a couple of weeks time. There was a small swell and the boat seemed to track fairly well in the swell and using the rudder I could maintain course without breaking from normal forward paddle strokes. Didn't feel as secure as in the Capella though.

On the water for a couple of hours.

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