Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Trearddur Bay - 14th November 2009

First day of NWSK end of season meet on Anglesey, staying at Outdoor Alternative.

Spent a few hours surfing - bit too wild to do too much else. Biggest waves were around 5 foot, but the breakers looked a lot bigger on the outside of the bay.

I paddled my Capella to start with and it handled fairly well (for a sea kayak...) but I swam a couple of times (and rolled a couple). Problem seems to be I fall out of the boat - on both occasions I still had my paddle in my hands! On the later successful rolls I concentrated on keeping myself braced in the boat and this seemed a lot better. I'm not used to fitting in a boat so loosely...

At the end of the session I tried Kev Robinson's plastic Scorpio and I really liked the feel of the thigh braces and I felt much more in contact with the boat. Might have to investigate fitting some to the Capella?

Sunset in Borthwen

In the evening we had a fine meal prepared by Kev and Gill. Spicy soup, Burritos and Apple crumble with custard!

Jim tries out a new orifice for wine consumption

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