Sunday, 11 April 2010

Conwy - Puffin Island - Great Orme - 10th April 2010

Paddle with the NWSK (12 boats in all) starting from Conwy (the Beacons car park) across to Puffin Island, lunch at the cafe at Trwyn Penmon, across to Great Orme then back to Conwy.

Little or no wind, sea either mirror calm or small waves in the vicinity of the NE tip of Puffin Island due to tide.

Set off around 10am taking a couple of hours to get to Trwyn Penmon. Did a quick time trial in the Epic reaching 13.4 kph in one direction, 11.8 in the other (average 12.6 kph).

After leisurely lunch spent in the warm spring sunshine and a session watching the seals on Puffin, we paddled across to Great Orme. Kate and I set off at a reasonable pace and we were joined by Glen. The three of us left the main group behind and eventually we separated as I pushed on to the Orme. Paddled at reasonable pace all the way across and was joined by Glen then Kate and Jules as I waited by the Orme. Kev and Jill eventually met up with us, but all the remainder of the group headed back direct to Conwy.

Kev and Glen visited the cave on the Orme that has a carved alter in it (as featured on the Coast program). I decided not to join them since the landing involved beaching on barnacles!

Returned to Conwy dodging sandbanks and scraping the rudder a few times. Off the water around 6pm. Estimated distance: 21 miles.

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