Saturday, 24 April 2010

Ravenglass Seaquest - 17th April 2010

My 3rd Ravenglass Seaquest took place in very nice sunshine and very little wind. Annette and Phil made the course slightly longer this year and with the high tide they predicted that no-one would clear the course getting all the controls... however I managed it along with John Willacy and a couple of K2 teams. I got around with 4 minutes to spare in 2h 56m, but John W was well ahead of me and cleared the course in a time of 2h 39m. So I was the second male K1 - same as position as last year! It was pleasing to clear the course, the first time I've managed to get all the controls in the 3 hours allowed.

John W was paddling the prototype Taran boat from Rockpool. John has designed this boat as a fast 18ft touring kayak - not quite as full on racing style as my Epic 18X, but more of a fast boat that can be handled by most people in a range of conditions. It has slightly more hull rocker than the Epic and a bit of a flat section on the hull that gives it a little more stability compared to a racing hull that is U in cross section. It will be interesting to see the production versions - possibly a more "rounded" boat for me?...

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