Sunday, 7 April 2013

Bull Bay to Cemlyn Bay and back - 6th April 2013

Reverse of the trip paddled in February, but this time I was paddling with Rachael, Alan and Alan from the Macclesfield Canoe Club. We launched from Bull Bay with the intention to head west with the ebbing tide towards Cemlyn Bay. We were aiming to arrive in time for lunch and returning on the flood tide that should have started around 2.30pm.

With the tidal assistance we were making a groundspeed of 10-12kph and passed by Middle Mouse island in just over 30 minutes. The benign conditions meant the estimate of how long we would take was rather conservative, and we arrived at Cemlyn well ahead of schedule so we settled down for a leisurely lunch to wait for the tide to turn.

On the outbound leg we had decided to stay out in the tidal flow to get the miles under our belt, but the return leg was totally different as we hugged the shore rock-hopping and exploring caves and inlets.

The outbound leg took about 1 hour 20, while the return leg was a lot slower at around 2 hours 30. About 24km paddled.

The sunshine on the front garden of the Bull Bay Hotel proved too much of a temptation, so the day was rounded off with a quick drink before heading off home.

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