Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Swellies - 21st April 2013

Second day of the NWSK Start of Season Meet. Weather wasn't that nice, so we opted for a short 2 hour paddle in the Menai Straits. Launched from the slipway at Menai Bridge and paddled down through the suspension bridge and played for a while in the flow under the arches, but with neap tides there wasn't much to get excited about. I paddled the Hammer again, and this time it was much more in its element and handled nicely breaking in and out of the current. We paddled on down to the house on the island and chatted to a group that was under instruction. A brief stop for elevenses under the shelter of Claire's tarp on the Anglesey bank then we headed back to the slipway and some refreshment in the Liverpool Arms.

Breaking out behind the Swellies Rock beacon

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