Sunday, 2 June 2013

Circumnavigation of Taransay - 30th May 2013

I was unsure about paddling a third consecutive day because I was feeling a bit tired, but Nancy seemed happy for me to go out again, so how could I not go out on another sunny day?

I opted to go round Taransay since the forecast was for no more than F4 winds from the north/north east, so I was assuming it would be fairly sheltered.

I launched from Horgabost beach and struck out across the sound and headed straight for the beach at the back of Loch Na h-Uidhe. I hauled the boat high up the beach and went for an explore of the remains of the old houses then headed uphill to find the dun on a lochan in the interior of the island.

The remains of the dun in the interior of the island

From the high ground I could also get a view of the sea conditions on the exposed west side of the island - there was some waves hitting the rocks and skerries, but didn't look too bad.

Looking SW across Traigh a Siar

Looking SE towards Ceapabhal
I set off again and looked into a couple of caves on the south eastern part of the island before rounding the southern tip, Rubha Sgeirigin. The sea conditions were markedly rougher now, with confused waves due to the reflections from the rocks and small cliffs and I was glad to reach the calm waters of Traigh a Siar, the beach on the west side of the narrow strip of land that joins the two parts of the island.

Approaching Traigh a Siar in a following sea

Traigh a Siar

Traigh a Siar
After eating my lunch I paddled out again and passed between the rocks of Sgeir Laith and their breakers and made my way up to the northern end of Taransay, Rubha Nan Totag, to re-enter calmer waters. As I paddled down the east side by Eilean Thuilm I startled what I think was an eagle and watched it fly off north.

Looking north across West Loch Tarbert
I stopped again on the beach on the north side of Corran Ra (sand spit) I'd visited a couple of days before, and this time explored the remains of the houses on the east side.

Looking across the Sound of Taransay towards West Loch Tarbert

I reluctantly left this beautiful spot and paddled along the beach to the tip of the Corran Ra sand spit and crossed the sound again back to my starting point, ending a fantastic day's paddle. 25km distance.

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Dr Blug said...

Great pictures John, looks like you and the family had a great holiday