Sunday, 16 June 2013

Conwy Ascent - 16th June 2013

Annual race on the incoming tide on the River Conwy.

Difficult conditions this year, with a significant headwind meant I did a PW... a "Personal Worst" time of just over 1:45. In previous years I've finished in 1:06 and 1:08, but everyone's time was a fair bit slower, but I'm also not as fit as I have been in the past. Without the incentive of an Eddystone race to train for I'm not putting the work in on the canal.

Getting ready for the start
After the race I toured back to the start in about 1:30... quicker than my race time because I had the tide and the wind with me. At least it was sunny!

Yours truly

Le Mans start of the K2 event

Jim Krawiecki finishes

Touring back to the start

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