Sunday, 7 June 2015

Brereton Lake - 4th June 2015

Another rolling session, but this time I was more prepared - I had an airbag to try some of the greenland floating exercises, a nose clip, plus my gopro mounted on the front deck.

I did countless right handed standard rolls, plus a few storm rolls. I tried a "pry" but failed, and any rolls I tried with the paddle starting on the back deck failed.... I think mainly because my forward finishing position is not very good (head comes out too early).

The airbag I was using made the floating exercises easy to do. The main purpose is to get the shoulders lying flat on the water, then sliding the torso up on to the back deck to practice the finish portion of a back deck roll.

Left handed rolling pretty poor - looking at the video I'm not sweeping the paddle wide enough and then the finish is lacking hip flick or drive with the lower leg.

Final left hand roll of the evening failed, and then I couldn't come up on a right hand roll because the boat wasn't fully capsized. So I did a wet exit and then did a re-entry and roll.

So a mixed session, need to work on all the rolls and try and figure out how to do the pry/reverse sweep roll. Must also force myself to keep practising on the left!

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