Sunday, 14 June 2015

Bull Bay to Dulas Bay round trip - 7th June 2015

It was nice to have a decent weather forecast for a change as we headed for Anglesey.

With high tide early afternoon, a "there-and-back" trip was possible to avoid the inconvenience (and waste of time) of a car shuttle.

Bull Bay
Ready for launch
We set off from Bull Bay just after 11am and made our way E on the flood and the first point of interest, the small island of East Mouse. The flow around the island created an eddy on the E side that we could rest in, with the main flow causing some boils and small waves. After a strenuous circumnavigation we re-entered the flow and continued on our way towards Point Lynas.

Leaving East Mouse with Point Lynas in the distance
Point Lynas juts out into the E flowing flood, and creates a tide race that kicks up some waves and confused water. We picked our own routes through the race and then turned SE towards Dulas Bay. We now had the flow against us in the form of the large eddy created by the Point, and progress was slow, only compensation was the occasional surf on the swell that seemed to be going in our direction.

A Turnstone feeding on the shore
Roger Barker
Alan Armstrong
With stomachs rumbling, we started to consider where to take lunch, and we opted for a small shell covered beach near the N end of Dulas Bay. It was pleasant sitting in the warm sunshine waiting for the tide to turn to facilitate our return trip.

Idyllic lunch spot
We headed out to Ynys Dulas to see what wildlife we could find, and we were greeted by loads of gulls who were nesting on the small rocky island. Once round to the E side, the resident seal population swam amongst us.

Ynys Dulas
A snoozing seal!
Playing in the rocky shore of Ynys Dulas
The ebb was now building as we headed back to Point Lynas, and when we arrived a decent wave train gave us some entertainment. After a couple of surf runs, we explored the small caves in the W side of the Point and then made our way back rock hopping along the coast to East Mouse and then a final sprint across the bay back to the small village of Bull Bay.

Caves on Point Lynas
About 23km paddled. Paddling with Alan Tonge/Alan Armstrong/Roger Barker from Macclesfield Canoe Club.

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