Monday, 13 October 2008

St Tudwal's East and West Island - 11th October 2008

Launched from the town beach in Abersoch. Paddled round the coast to Trwyn Yr Wylfa before crossing to St Tudwal's Island West then on to St Tudwal's Island East and then back to Abersoch. About 6.5 miles round trip.

Launched around midday, low tide was 13:19, returned 13:40. No appreciable tide.

Weather was overcast with moderate visibility to start with, worsening in rain such that compass was used to return to Abersoch as mainland was not visible.

Wind about SW F3, about 3 foot swell near Twryn Yr Wylfa. Quite confused waves due to reflection from cliffs. Much calmer once round to E of St Tudwal's East which was a lee shore. Woman on moored yacht offered me a cup of tea! (refused because I was needing a pee already....)

Cormorants and seals around St Tudwal's East along with more interesting cliff scenary. No place to land easily on either island. One seal followed me closely for 500 metres from St Tudwal's East on return to Abersoch.

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