Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Storm Gathering - Anglesey 25th October 2008

First day of the 3 day "Storm Gathering" symposium based at Anglesey Outdoors on Holy Island. The event was organised by Mark Tozer who arranged a number of coaches to attend to run sessions over the 3 days.

Inshore weather forecast was for F9 SW gales, so the only sensible place to paddle was in the Menai Straights. Launched from a slipway in the village of Menai Bridge, just a couple of hundred metres NE of the bridge on the N side of the channel.

Coached by Phil Clegg on basic technique obviously adapted to cope with the wind conditions. Wind was still gusting along the straights, but still just possible to paddle into. Some moving water in the area between the two bridges allowing break-in/break-out practice. Didn't get to play on the "swellies" wave just slightly nearer to the Britannia Bridge.

We were on the water for a couple of hours.

Prior to paddling we had a indoor session on route planning. Involved looking at charts, plotting routes using tide flows etc.

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