Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Storm Gathering - Anglesey 26th October 2008

Second day of Storm Gathering symposium.

Wind had died down to only F5-6 W. Mainly sunny overhead conditions, but with the occassional heavy shower passing through quickly.

Launched at Porth Eilian. Nice sheltered pebble beach.

Paddled out to Point Lynas to play in the ebbing tide that was creating a small race off the end of the point. W'ly swell was against the E -> W flowing tide creating (small) waves that could be surfed.

After playing for about 30 minutes, turned round to paddle W into very strong winds. Had lunch stop in Amlwch harbour. After lunch the tide had turned and we attempted to carry on to Bull Bay but were battling tide and wind now and not all the group were strong enough to get through the channel between East Mouse Island and the headland (I got through with 3 others but had to turn round to rejoin main group with the coaches).

Group returned quickly to Porth Eilian. We were coached by Sid Sinfield and Guto Wyn.

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