Monday, 11 May 2015

Macclesfield Canal - 10th May 2015

With Ravenglass next weekend, I thought I had better get some more miles in, so I did a paddle with a planned duration of 3 hours. In the end I was paddling for 3 hours, 10 minutes.

I switched to paddling the Epic, since I will be using this at Ravenglass. I also paddled wearing my old fell running shoes. Ravenglass involves getting out of the boat to clip orienteering checkpoints, and the bank can be very muddy. Every year I forget this, and wear wetsuit shoes with no grip at all, so hopefully the fell shoes should give me a lot more grip.

Launched from Clarke Lane, and turned around just beyond bridge 7 (90 minute point). Return paddle was a bit slower due to headwind. Didn't feel very fit - can't believe I used to do this length of paddle at around 9 kph pace... was more like 7.5 kph. I don't think I'll be troubling the prizegiving at Ravenglass this year!

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