Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Wastwater - 16th May 2015

With strong winds on the coast, we opted to paddle inland, and headed for Wastwater in the western Lake District. With the imposing Wastwater Screes alongside us, and the highest hills of the Lakes forming a panorama in front of us, it was an atmospheric place to paddle.

We launched where the road from Greendale meets the lake and paddled SW to where the lake water enters the river Irt. Sunshine combined with the lush spring vegetation made for an idyllic spot.

We then paddled NE under the screes passing a couple of walkers negotiating the ankle-twisting boulders. The wind was gusting quite strongly now, and Jim tried to use his storm cag as a sail (without too much success). Rachael and I were make better progress paddling and surfing the small waves.

Once we reached the head of the lake and turned for home, the wind was so strong we were hardly making progress, but luckily the more jagged coast on the NW side meant we could get occasional shelter from inlets to enable return to the car.

Jim Krawiecki with Yewbarrow, Great Gable and Great End in the distance
It would be rude to visit Wasdale without a pint in the Wasdale Head Inn, so once off the water we duly obliged. About 10km paddled.

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